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A loved one that is covered by Karama Jinaza Cover has just passed away, you now need to call us soon as a medical professional has declared them deceased


As soon as our undertaker confirms your claim you will need to ensure that you meet the claim requirement. Click below to go through what is required

Claim Form

Please find the claim form attached below.


Call us on our emergency claims line 021 110 0265

Our Commitment

Having experienced this ourselves we know how traumatic the experience of a Jinaza can be. Even the strongest are not able to think straight when losing a loved one. As Muslims, we are also required to urgently bury our deceased. This is where Karama Jinaza Cover comes in - whether, for convenience or affordability, we will take over this process allowing you to deal from the trauma of losing a loved one. We honor you trusting us to support you at such an integral time and will ensure that the process is dignified as Islamically intended InshaAllah Ameen. 

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