Our Plans

Declaration of death

You will contact as soon as possible after the deceased has been declared dead by a medical professional. We will then dispatch our undertaker, who will validate your claim and aid you in completion of our claim form (this is why we need a copy of your ID and those who are covered on your policy). Once approved, we will begin processing your claim.

Repatriation of mortal remains

We will transport the deceased within the perimeters of your selected plan.

The Jinaza and Maqbara

We will pay for the services and materials used in preparing the body of the deceased for the jinaza (ghusl, kaffan, planks, toekamanie, slava etc.), pay for the maqbara (according to your selected plan)  and arrange for the deceased to be buried.


Subject to you chosen plan, we will even pay for catering for the family and friends that pay their respects to the bereaved family after the Jinaza. The catering voucher is up to a rand limit and covers 60l pots (which feed 100 people.

Cash Back

Only available on the Superior Option - we will pay you a R3000 cash back 48 hours after reciept of the death certificate. 

Our Prices

Frequently asked questions


KJC is a registered FSP 49605 as well as a PTY Ltd, which is affiliated with the pioneer of Shariah compliant cover being Bryte South Africa. The product has been designed to guarantee our clients full comprehensive Jinaza cover that’s protects our clients from out of pocket expense (all while ensuring that our premiums are affordable and our benefits comprehensive).

We are also a registered Financial Services Provider, a registered company as well as underwritten - what does all this mean to you? Well, this is the protection of your premiums that most burial societies (Kifayat Klopse) cannot guarantee.


Bryte South Africa underwrites KJC. What does this mean to you? Well, if we were to disappear off the face of the earth, you would still recieve a payout on the passing of your loved one or yourself. You do not have to ever worry about that though, because we are also a registered business with Cipro, and we have been registered and approved as a Financial Services Provider through the Financial Sector Conduct Authority


KJC does not accept any cash payments, you can pay us via the following means.

  1. Our most prefered and easiest to track method is via debit order
  2. You can pay in via eft or through Easypay points.
  3. You can pay us via Stop Orders (if your employer offers this facility)
We do not accept cash payments.


Losing a loved one is one of the hardest tests we face, and we want to ensure that all you need to focus on is being there for your family, and allowing yourself time to mourn. Our claims process is simple, all you need to do is call us once the deceased has been declared dead by a certified medical professional and that you are in posession of the relevent documents (as explained on our claims page). We arrange everything, including the catering, leaving you with nothing else to worry about. You will simply call us when you need to claim, and as long as your premiums are paid and up to date, we will take care of the rest.Thats our commitment to our customers!


Read our blog to answer any questions related to us being Halaal/allowed islamically - https://www.jinaza.com/blog/karama-jinaza-cover-is-not-haraam. Your conventional funeral cover is not Halaal(allowed), however, because KJC is collects premiums to fund a Jinaza, and our bank accounts are held in Shariah Compliant accounts, your funds portion paid to us is not accumulating interest, but rather by the collection of very many premiums from many muslims seeking cover, who then contribute enough premiums to cover a member of our community in their time of need. You're also not paying for something "unknown", you're guaranteed death at some point in your life and you know exactly what youre paying for and how much you will get out. Karama Jinaza Cover is Shariah and Islamically compliant.

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