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Our Plans

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Declaration of death

You will contact as soon as possible after the deceased has been declared dead by a medical professional. We will then dispatch our undertaker, who will validate your claim and aid you in completion of our claim form (this is why we need a copy of your ID and those who are covered on your policy). Once approved, we will begin processing your claim.

Repatriation of mortal remains

We will transport the deceased within the perimeters of your selected plan.

The Jinaza and Maqbara

We will pay for the services and materials used in preparing the body of the deceased for the jinaza (ghusl, kaffan, planks, toekamanie, slava etc.), pay for the maqbara (according to your selected plan)  and arrange for the deceased to be buried.


Subject to you chosen plan, we will even pay for catering for the family and friends that pay their respects to the bereaved family after the Jinaza. The catering voucher is up to a rand limit and covers 60l pots (which feed 100 people.

Cash Back

Only available on the Superior Option - we will pay you a R3000 cash back 48 hours after reciept of the death certificate. 

Our Prices

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